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Firefan ‘The’ Real Time Live Sports Game App

Firefan is the 1st Real Time Live Interactive Sports Game App for the entire worlds sports enthusiasts to play.

Firefan is the first Sports Game App of Real Time Live Interaction

For your Rewards Code and activation, go to for signing up. The rewards code will be generated and be auto-loaded into your page for you to Sign Up.

alternatively to avoid the 2 page process, simply go here to SIGN UP Today for firefan to fill in your login details and sign up – Simple!

Proceed to dowload the app. Availablity for the firefan app is in both App Store iOS and Android / GooglePlay

Firefan Intro Q and A to get fans going

Q: Once downloading the app, what do I do?
A: You will need to provide an app signup; you will require to provide a name, email and rewards (activation) code; use the activation code “ cell . Using a mobile/cell device this code should be easy for you to remember.

Q: What / how does this work; what is the first thing to do to start playing?
A: When you get a notification or see the green bar across the top, it’s time to make predictions / picks.

Q: If the green bar disappears am I too late and can’t get in and have lost the opportunity to pick… and then have to wait for the next green bar.
A: Yes, that is correct. Otherwise, they’ve started to play…

Q: How do we call the play.
A: There is a green bar indicating “New Picks Available” that allows you to make your picks (either pre-game and during the game). Click where it indicates ‘Go’ and proceed with your picks.
– Your points add up based on your correct picks (choices).

Q: How often can we pick?
A: Every time there is a change of possession, there are more questions.

Q: How long do we have to wait for each successive green bar in order to pick?
A: As the games are live it is hard to say; it could be a minute… could be 10 minutes. It depends! It could be when a team loses the ball and the other team gets it… or a team punts or scores…

Q: Are we to be in the ‘Picks’ tab?
A: The tab just shows the picks you have made.

Q: Is there a tab where we see the actual live game.
A: The first tab ‘Play’ is the game feed…;but, it doesn’t broadcast the game as if you’re watching on TV. Click on the play tab… you’ve got live play by play feed in real time. Note, it is pretty quick.

Q: How difficult is the game?
A: It is straightforward. Indeed it is much easier to understand once you’ve done a few drives and played a game.

Q: Is there a way to communicate with others inside the league your are playing in during a game?
A: Yes keep checking in the ‘Chat’ tab to see what the ongoing communication is.

Q: Explain the tabs ‘Moments’ and ‘Stats’?
A: Moments are visual snippet shots (images) during game time and Stats are running game statistics.

Q: Anything else we should know?
A: The ‘Leaders’ tab is where you see the accumulated points for players during a game. How are you ranking – are you in the lead? You will see this here.

A: Token balance is how many tokens you have left. You can always buy more tokens. Ticket balance is sort of like your rewards value…to be used for things later. It’s kinda like a hotel rewards card. Lifetime points is just the total points you’ve scored in all your games combined.

Q: After the first game, I should see a lifetime points total to start with and grow thereafter?
A: Yes and increase after each game you gain points in.

Q: One only spends a few tokens when starting into a new game… you can go in and out while it is playing, then will be charged a few more tokens again into the next game and so on.
A: You are only charged when you join a new game(s)…

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Firefan preparing for November 2016 and fast growth through 2017

Football and cheerleaders go together like peanut butter and jam. It is interesting to have a live interactive sports game app whereby you are still part of the action… football, football players and cheerleaders.

Cheerleaders and players provide full impact of football and Firefan app releases for Thanksgiving Day November 2016

Register for firefan play and Download NOW at Register early, Register Today! Get ready to play. First released Fall 2016 with NFL football… following up with Soccer, Basketball and much, much more.

Play sports on game day with Firefan App