Get FireFan App – Google Play (Android)

FireFan available on Google Play (Android)

FireFan, the best live sports App, is out for Thanksgiving (USA) November 24, 2016. Get the App today.

Go to Google Play (see install link below)
◊ Download/install from the FireFan page
◊ During install, provide your name, email and code.
IMPORTANT: Use the code “cell“. Using a mobile device it should be easy for you to remember to use the install code “cell“.

Play. Predict. Win.
Play along with live sports – predict the outcome, win points & bragging rights.

FireFan enables sports enthusiasts to connect, discuss their favorite teams & events, and play against each other in real time by competing to predict the outcome of live sporting events

FireFan unites friends, family, fans, and superstars around their passion for sports through live interaction.

Interested to get the new FireFan App – register today [Oct 10, 2016]

Today you may register early and be ready to receive the FireFan App for downloading when it is released. You will be notified!

The FireFan App should be made available for download around Thanksgiving (USA) 2016 thereby offering live football game time action for Americans regarding the NFL and their love of the sport. What a treat around a day of thanksgiving. European Football / World Soccer, for other fans, will become available for their interaction.

FireFan App is coming out; register to play in 2 easy steps

With two easy steps you will be set up to be informed when the FireFan App is released and is ready for you to download.

Go to our FireFan Play facebook post.  Clicking this link   will take you there to complete the first step. Simply click the “Sign Up” button  located at the bottom of the fb post (as illustrated below).

Where to find the fb Sign Up button for FireFan
Where to find the fb Sign Up button for FireFan

You should be taken to a submission page where you are required only to click the “SUBMIT” button (see illustration below). You should notice that through this process the access code ”cell ” should have been embedded into the submission form so you need only click to SUBMIT.

Just click "SUBMIT" FireFan App button
Just click “SUBMIT” FireFan App button

You need only to fill in the necessary information in order for you to be informed when the app is ready for you to download. You will be able to download the app in very short order thereafter and be able to participate in the action to follow.


  1. Why is this app not available for the Amazon Fire. I love this game and am tired of doing on my phone at home

    1. This query will be forwarded to support for consideration. Note this other app construction would take a lot of additional development.

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