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Firefan app in review
Starting out, setting up and getting familiar with the firefan app.

Get up and running by playing and using the firefan app ~ Learn the easy functionality inside firefan with this brief firefan review and walk through tutorial. Starting out, setting up, familiarization, playing and having fun…

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Getting into Firefan

(provided here from the video script)
Alright everyone it’s Natalyn and let us get into Firefan I’m here with Jamie and Brian known as Mr. Branman. We’re here to walk through some serious game play with you firefan users; and again we want to walk through this app and give you a tour of what’s going on.

So you can see in the top part (of the Firefan App) that you can see your profile picture. If you want to change that just click on that profile picture and you can access your existing photos or your camera. If you want to edit any other part of your profile just click the edit button underneath your picture and that will bring up your user name, first and last name, your email; you can choose to display your real name or not and you can choose to display and make public your achievements if you’d like to.

You can also change your password from here or you can see the getting started guide, as you can see, will take you through the experience that you went through when you were starting up your app so you can choose your photo or your username, you can pick your favorite sports event. Now one of the things you’ll notice is that I’ve got these sports picked, notice how if I come in here I can select the NBA, the MLB… keep in mind we don’t have those games yet; but, you can select them for now and then we’ll know that those are sports you enjoy playing. You can also go in and pick your favorite teams and you’ll notice the only one you can pick teams for right now is the NFL; why is that? because the other sports aren’t yet available but as soon as they are available those will become available here in firefan for you to select and then you can connect with MVPs; you can connect with your own contacts; you can also connect with and discover other people in the ‘better firefans’ So if I want to find Mr. Branman in this app you can simply go and search and put that in and it’ll bring me up everyone that has that at the beginning of their names.

Now I can also go in and join leagues that are available and can see how many members that they have in their league, I can see the name of their league and etc. etc. Now you can go through that process all over again remember just by simply clicking edit to that button underneath of your photo in your profile. Now you also have underneath of your name; you have your rank and title so I am currently Freshman Bronze and that’s right “I’m rocking it right” yes you guys know I’m rocking right yeah well you’re a newbie……; you guys need to get it together; but, you can see underneath that title you’ve got cups and badges… those are awards that you’re winning as you play. Now underneath that you’re going to see total points earned, followers and following. All of those are clickable and you’ll notice the total points earned isn’t going to take you anywhere just yet; that’s coming but you can click on followers and it will bring you to everyone that’s following you in the game. You can also click on following and you can click on it you can see everyone that’s following you in or that you’re following in the game. Now the other thing that you can do as you come back to that user profile page is you can see that games that you’re scheduled to play in and so (let’s go to) let’s go to the Greenbay Eagles game. This was last night’s game. It was a great time. Let’s show you a few things here.

What are the yellow dots beside the final score at the top of the firefan app?

A little, a little firefan fun fact.

Q: Jamie and Brian do you guys know what the yellow dots stands for next to the final score, up there? Sure do! What’s it stand for?
A: It’s the timeouts that’s available. So timeouts remaining is what you’re going to see the most those dots will be there and then obviously go away as they use timeouts for the game ended last night Green Bay having one timeout available you can always see from these game scores what happened on the drive you can see time of possession first down you can see the details of the drive each one of them telling you exactly what happened in last night’s game; but, enough with last night’s game, right, we want to go in and actually see what’s coming up in upcoming games so i can go and look and see that I have a game coming up Beat the Boss game with the Minnesota Vikings now I can also see my leagues now keep in mind see I’m scrolling left to right you can always scroll left-to-right see all the leagues that you’re in you can click join a league and that will simply take you to find leagues as you can see to the right you can see that people have a certain number of people in their leagues and you can always join you can also search at any time to find the league that you’re looking for particularly.

Explaining firefan favorites list and navigiation

Now you can also go in and see your favorites list and you can always look at your accomplishments and achievements. Let’s talk about navigation. There’s two real spots for navigation; you’ve got the bottom ‘fan nav’ or the ‘quick nav’ as we call it, that will bring you to your homepage that’s the page we’ve been on (your my profile page). You can go to leagues which is where you can check out all the league pages like we’ve been doing. You can go to connect, this is where you can connect with again your MVPs, your contacts or discover meaning that you can go in and find firefans, other firefans in the app. You can also go to social which brings you to our social feed that you can see as the people are in there talking and you can go to your games; (now that’s from your) and from there you can also go to alerts which will take you to your various notifications.

Now for example I may look and say oh! I have been invited to play in the Philadelphia Packers game this will bring me to the league, I can see the league, league page, I can see that I’m part of that league already and then I can simply go to the game or I can go back to a league I’m not part of yet. So for example I got a league invitation here to join Mr. Branman’s group, I can simply accept that invitation and now I’m part of that game, I can then see that he has a game here Eagles vs Greenbay Packers, it takes six tokems to join the games and I can simply click join the game and now I’m part of that game as well.

Now from this as well I can come back and let’s talk about the top navigation here in the top right corner. We’ve been on the user profile page and went through that; but, let’s talk about what’s up here:

Your firefan token balance, ticket balance, and lifetime points

Tokens! You do what with Firefan tokens? (play games) Play games, these are what you spend; this is your currency in the game. Ticket balance try and help us out Brian. What in the world are tickets? We have people talking all about tickets. What are they? Tickets are what you get so you can apply them loyalty rewards. These are loyalty rewards tickets.

You get tickets every single time you spend Tokens and those Tickets are loyalty rewards tickets; so when you spend tokens you get tickets… you want to ramp those babies up because we’re going to be launching our our loyalty rewards redemption center and those tickets get redeemed for cool stuff. Jamie what kind of cool stuff? Things like T-shirts or hats, travel, electronics, a bunch of fun stuff, and even tokens; you can even get more tokens.

Lifetime Points guys, these are the points you’ve acquired as you play the various games and as you acquire these points they just keep getting higher and higher and higher and these drives your rankings, your rewards, your awards and what happens is these points are what are going to unlock features for you in the game ongoing. That’s going to get a lot more robust. You’re going to love it – Firefan.

Play in the NFL with the firefan app

Now I want to talk about some sections you might not know about. So see down here, you see national football league in the menu, when you click on national football league it brings you up to the schedule of the foootbal league. So let’s go to week 13 where we’re at and I can see the thursday night’s game is the Cowboys vs Vikings. Well I’m about to make my pre-game picks and I want to figure out – what are the good things to pick – because I might not know these 2 teams very well. So I simply click on that game and I can see that here’s the different games that I can join. If I wanted to join that game, I can do that. I can also come back and I can look and find out more about these teams. I can come into the team standings for example and say okay where in the world are the Vikings and the Cowboys; well in the NFC east the Cowboys are on top with 10 wins and 1 losses. NFC North Vikings are number 2 with 6 wins 5 losses if they’re going head-to-head, who’s going to win? well we’ll let you choose because that’s not our job. But, if you want to look into it deeper simply click on one of the teams. So I’m going to click on the Dallas Cowboys now and now I’m going to be taken to that team. I can see their schedule; I can look at their results; I can absolutely, absolutely look at every single game the Cowboys have played; see their score, who they were playing against. I can also come and look at their roster; on their roster I can click on a name and any given player and see the details of that player. I can also go to the News Page and I can see news that’s happened about the Cowboys both today, previous day’s etc. So I can also go to depth charts and their schedule and I can see all about my Cowboys.

Firefan app does (now) offer Major League Soccer

Now you can do the exact same thing for Major League Soccer even though we don’t have any games happening right now (at the time of making the video and script creation) so the schedule is empty, I can still come look at the teams, I can look at their standings and I can see all of the other different information about the major league soccer (even though we don’t have that sport yet). Now again from here I can also access other things; but, if you want to get back to the primary navigation just go to your user profile and now again you have primary navigation both at your fingertips on the bottom and your fingertips at the top.

Creating Leagues inside the firefan app

Q: Jamie, Brian did I miss anything? I think we should talk about creating leagues and how we can set up those different settings (fabulous, alright) Let’s talk about that! So I come down here to my leagues where I am going to manage and I can actually create a league by simply clicking there. Then I give my league a name; I can give my league a handle which is really just kind of a fun social thing and I can give my league a description and people are going to see here what that is. Then I can choose how many players I want to have in my league; this is because some people prefer to have small games where they can manage and control the people – AND – speaking of management control I can come into my league privacy settings, I can make it public if I want anybody to find it, or I can do member invites, or I can do manager invites.

Firefan app league manager invites

Brian what’s the difference between member invite and manager invite in firefan? Manager invite: only a manger of a league can do an invite. The other invite (member invite) players can invite players.

Players can invite players. So once I’ve, once I’ve done that and I’ve created a league you can go in and you can actually set up games. So let’s say for example, I come into this league and I want to, I want to go and see these are the games that this league is playing here’s the the home (home) to this game let’s go and look at one of my own leagues that I have; so one of my leagues that I have, as you can see right here, is the Lewis Clan that’s my family league. Now I’ve got a game going on I can also go and create more games by clicking on games and I can say ohhh let’s play the December fourth game of the Bengals vs the Eagles and I simply create that game. I can give it a name and a description, I can set my max players and then I can simply update and now anybody that sees my league can see that I have both of these firefan games going on.

Now, if I want to I can also select the picture of my league and then I can choose a picture for that we even using my camera feature I can simply take a picture right there and I can actually end up using that picture for my league as you’ll be able to see. It’s that simple. You click on your camera and it automatically pops that in now I got obviously change that (it’s a terrible photo) but, I was making a point for you guys so that you could see how that works. Now that is how we we navigate and use our league features. O.K. that was a good one Jamie; any others? what are we missing Brian?

How do we, in firefan, create a game if we have a league?

Oh! very good question; so once I come in here I simply click on ‘games’ and now I’m ready to go; but, you know what we went through that; but, we did not go through invite so let’s talk about invite. If I started a league I can click the invite button and it will bring up anybody in my thing that is following me right now or I can search for other people in the league. But, let’s say for example (that I’m allrea..) that I’m not in a league and I just want to be in a game and looking at a game situation; so if I go to a game I’m not in this league (this is) I’m in this league but this is not the league that I own. I can come to a game and once I click the fan menu you’ll notice an invite tab; I can click on that invitation tab and invite, and that will actually invite people to join me in that game even though it’s not my league and that becomes very, very important as we look at who’s inviting who to play in the various games. Alright guys I think that gives you a really good overview. I hope that helps you to get to know the game better.
Thank you Brian – any time. Thank you Jamie – very welcome. Alright have a great one guys and all of you firefan fans.

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Firefan Gameplay is a new sports app

Firefan is a new live sports game app made available to the public in November of 2016 and was the fastest growing app reaching a 100,000 milestone within a couple months.

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