Football cheerleaders still nice to see on firefan

Football bears scant resemblance to its pre-war state.

The players are now all genetic freaks, where you’d better be either at least 230 pounds, a world-class sprinter, or a cannon-armed wizard who can hit a penny with a football from 60 yards away.

Technology pervades every aspect of the sport, from the precise engineering of the ball, to the synthetic turf to the uniforms using materials that didn’t exist 15 years ago, to the multitude of cameras on hand for every type of angle imaginable, all available for replay seconds later on the HD jumbo-tron.

In fact, just about the only things that haven’t changed about football in the last 75 years are the 100-yard field, the 11 men on each side, the referees in their silly black and white stripes…and the cheerleaders. Not fully pumped yet? Check out Bleacher Report’s ranking of the 100 hottest college football cheerleaders pictures for a little more cheer.

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