What is FireFan?

What is FIREFAN? Real Time Fantasy Sports Game review or something more? What does firefan offer? FireFan is the first of its kind in the sports game App arena.

What is firefan? Firefan is the first 'Live' Game Interactive Sports app
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The 1st Real Time Live Sports Game App. The best of the best in live sports entertainment with friends.

A great sports game listing

There is a significant number of sporting events that people have found of interest, participate in or simply enjoy to watch. Perhaps something in the list below suits your fancy and may, sooner than later, be part of the firefan sports entertainment arsenal. Check here for updates below.

The listing will be color-coded and updated as time progresses according to the FireFan featured sporting disciplines. The first sports games [seen in light green] expected to be incorporated into the FireFan App included NFL football and World Soccer (Football). This will be followed shortly thereafter with our other sports [seen in dark green]; specifically NBA basketball, Major League baseball – MLB, cricket and NCAA college football. Subsequent Sports will be [seen in light red].

Consider the following listing: